Detroit’s Tim Baker (..lived until 04. April . 2021)

Tim Baker, the Detroit-born DJ and producer, died on Sunday 4. April 2021. Baker, born in Detroit, began DJing in 1984. A few years later, he’d secure a residency at the Nectarine Club alongside Jeff Mills. In the early ’90s, he launched a clothing line called Elephanthaus and began gigging around Europe, making a 1994 appearance at Tresor. Elephanthaus, a clubwear label, would eventually expand as a recording imprint, mostly serving as a home for Baker’s releases. He’d relocate to Chicago in 1998, launching a house-oriented label called Real Estate Records. Baker’s solo releases came out on labels like Ovum and Minifunk over the years, and he was a beloved father and supportive figure in the scene up to his passing.