Detroit’s Tim Baker (..lived until 04. April . 2021)

Tim Baker, the Detroit-born DJ and producer, died on Sunday 4. April 2021. Baker, born in Detroit, began DJing in 1984. A few years later, he’d secure a residency at the Nectarine Club alongside Jeff Mills. In the early ’90s, he launched a clothing line called Elephanthaus and began gigging around Europe, making a 1994 appearance at Tresor. Elephanthaus, a clubwear label, would eventually expand as a recording imprint, mostly serving as a home for Baker’s releases. He’d relocate to Chicago in 1998, launching a house-oriented label called Real Estate Records. Baker’s solo releases came out on labels like Ovum and Minifunk over the years, and he was a beloved father and supportive figure in the scene up to his passing.

Jazzdination Radioshow | Summertapes by Altroy Jerome

Jazzdination Summertapes – Altroy Jerome ( )

Gene Russel – My Favorite Things(US version)
Painted Pictures – Woody (*
Rudolph Johnson – The Highest Pleasure
Innerzone Orchestra – Basic Math
Alice Coltrane – Blue Nile
John Coltrane – Summertime
Malik Alston Trio – Sweet Melody (*
Gene Russel – My Favorite Things (Japan version)
Roland Hanna Trio – Double Intentions
Phil Owen – Phil’s Tune
Archie Shepp – The Girl From Ipanema
Julian Cannonball Adderly & John Coltrane – The Sleeper
Roy Eldridge – Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
Ramsey Lewis Trio – Black Orpheus Medley
The Awakening (Ari Brown, Arlington Davis, Jr., Frank Gordon, Ken Chaney, Reggie Willis, Steve Galloway) – Prologue Spring Thing
Lionel Hampton – But Beautiful
Roy Eldridge – Sweet Georgia Brown
Gene Russell – If You Could See Me Now
Rick Holmes & Roy Ayers – Remember To Remember
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – Locked And Loaded
Amp Fiddler – Seven Mile
Lonnie Liston Smith – Mardis Gras

*exclusively distributed by MSR Distro

Altroy Jerome @ Booth Hub in Vienna, Austria

Underground Resistance – Amazon (Live)
Surgeon Meets Vice ‎– Creeper
Drexciya – Black Sea
Claude Young – Ghost
Deniro ‎– Painting 3
Stephan Brown – Much Respect
The Happy Clappies O.D.M.
The Vision – The Protector
Claude Young – Chronicles
Psychic Warfare ‎– The Force
S.B. Project – Untitled
Verbos – Nightmare Session
S.B. Project ‎– Primitive Streak Redefined
Karakter – Untitled
Jeff Mills – Alarms
S. Bicknell – Untitled
X-103 – Tephra
Surgeon – Electric Chicken
Jay Denham – Peacemaker
Oliver Ho – Untitled
Anthony Shakir – The Random Hustle
Jay Denham – I Can Feel It
Jeff Mills – Native High
S.B. Project – Untitled
Ratio – Gastrek
Jay Denham – Coup De’ tat
Steve Rachmad – Sidra
Aubrey – Ghost Mist
Anthony Shakir – Millenium Blues

Juini Booth @ The Sequester Series | 9. February 2021

Arthur Edward Booth is a legendary Buffalo-born American jazz double-bassist who has worked with a vast array of jazz masters, from McCoy Tyner and Freddie Hubbard to Albert Ayler and Sonny Sharrock. Booth began playing piano at about age eight, and switched to bass at 12. He worked with Chuck Mangione in his hometown before moving to New York City around 1966, where he played with Eddie Harris, Art Blakey, Sonny Simmons, Marzette Watts, Freddie Hubbard, Gary Bartz, and countless others.

BanBanTonTon | features Chris Coco & Luca Averna`s Sueño Mediterráneo

Chris Coco and Luca Averna`s Sueño Mediterráneo, on Minimalsoul Recordings, is actually more of a homage to the history of house, than a chilled-out affair. The opening Mare might be a mellow sundown Spanish stroll but the album’s ten tracks travel tempos all the way up to tribal-techno-esque bangers and back again. Touching on memorable proto Italo momentsearly Chicago relics, and `90s classics. Tunes that were no doubt staples during Chris` residency at Brighton`s Zap, The Coco Club. The distinctly danceable rhythms, topped with introspective melodies – deep with strings, sighs, sequences, and whistles – nostalgic echoes of rave. Garage divas, beatific bleeps, and the blissed out vibes of The Beloved’s Sun RisingHigh Waves is built on a beat borrowed from Vaughan Mason’s Raze. 

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