Gregory Porter | Gregory Porter (Live At The Supersense Living Room Recording Studio)

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“A Love Supreme” is the most famous and successful studio album of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane and still considered his masterpiece. Recorded in December 1964 at Van Gelder Studios in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA, this record has been selected from the Universal Music Archive for our Archival Tape Edition.

Cut directly from a completely unedited 1:1 copy of the original tape provided by Universal Music, one has never been closer to the artist, the original sound waves and music history.

Hand-Cut 12″ Mastercut Record
Hand-Printed Letterpress Cover Artwork
Limited* and numbered
In addition to the high-quality sound carrier, this edition contains valuable, partly historical accompanying documents:

A Love Supreme, a Minolta EP 410Z copy of the original notes by John Coltrane
One Instant Polaroid photograph of John Coltrane after an original photo by Bob Thiele
One Instant Polaroid photograph of the Supersense Livingroom Studio
Polaroid Photograph of a microscopic view of the real groove of “Pursuance”.
A “How To Caress” Info Sheet
One set of white gloves for proper handling of your Mastercut
“Project Mastercut. An Introduction to Editions” by Florian “Doc” Kaps
Notes by the Cutting Engineer at the Supersense Studio

Every single Edition is handcrafted in the Viennese Supersense manufactory by a small team of experts in the fields of record cutting, traditional printing methods and packaging design.

* Due to the fact that MASTERCUTS are no stock items but cut piece by piece in real time by a small team here in Vienna, we kindly ask for your understanding that based on the overwhelming global demand for our editions production, assembly and delivery of your very personal MASTERCUT treasures can currently take up to 4 weeks. All orders will be processed in the order received without any exceptions. Thank you so much for your patience.