John Beltran | Moth

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After a career spanning more than 25 years John Beltran lands on the Belgian De:tuned label with the long-awaited follow-up album to his widely acclaimed classic 90s masterpiece “Ten Days of Blue”.

On “Moth” Beltran opens his heart by combining melody, emotion and soul with infectious grooves. As such he lays down the definitive and timeless Detroit sound with a clear nod to the early innovators. From 4/4 dance floor burners to tribal shufflers and ambient interludes, “Moth” is a well-balanced journey full of blissful atmosphere for both the mind and feet.

The matching artwork was designed by the talented Plastica from Spain. Matt Colton took care of the mastering duties to ensure the highest playback quality. The album is released as a 180 gr vinyl double pack.