Magic Sound | I Like That / Time (REMASTERED)

14.50 inc. Vat


Edition Hawara’s second 7″ release features one of the more obscure Austrian bands from the 1980s. Little is known about Magic Sound, though the cover suggests that their label wanted them to be Austria’s answer to the Village People, though their sound is far more funk-leaning. One thing we know for sure is that the group included keyboard player Andy Tofferl, who was also a member of the famous pop ensemble EAV, as well as songwriter and producer Jiri Havran. We know that they went to the studio to record a whole album after touring Sweden in 1980, but only these two songs survived, and they are worth listening to over and over again. The vocals and keys are the stars of the show here and it seems the label was trying to engineer somewhat of a sequel to ABBA. You can’t help but wonder what could’ve been for Magic Sound.