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Manuel Sahagun | A Daily Noise

Manuel Sahagun | A Daily Noise

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Manuel Sahagun lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has a long history
in the music industry. He is known for his unique sound signature which
have landed him releases on great labels such as Freerange, True
Romance, Minor Notes, Lazy Days and more. And this summer he tries
with Fortunea Records, bringing along his new 3-tracker ‚A Daily Noise‘.

The record starts off with ‚Dreams‘. Don’t expect with this title a fluffy,
peaceful melancholic tale. This track pushes through the door with warm
subs, galloping hi-hats, xylophones and an irresistible crunchy bassline
that’ll get stuck in your head for hours and hours. An absolute belter!

The EPs title-track goes on in similar manner. This time built around an
eerie pad that lurks from behind and comes more and more forward in
the course of time. A sign for danger? Not at all. But an optimistic relief
will come along when the climax hits the dancefloor.

Finally we have ‚Hostages‘ on B2. A deep house track which has a
beautiful sense of gloom and curiosity to it. Manuel gives more drama to
the track by adding abstract digital glitch noises and haunting synths. A
substantial treat for the ears.

‚A Daily Noise‘ comes out NOW!

The vinyl is limited to
300 copies.

There will be no repress!