Masha Dabelka | Storybook #2 (12″)

After celebrating our 10th anniversary with a couple of releases from the likes of Buffered Multiple (a.k.a. Microthol) and Nino Sebelic, Minimalsoul continues its sonic journey with a new, caustic piece of wax, introducing Russian producer, Ms. Masha Dabelka, now based in Vienna. Storybook#2 is her vinyl debut and – ideally – the continuation of a “self manifestation” project started in 2015 though here, for the first time, she delivers a broader cross section of her musical self and especially her potential. Masha Dabelka is a classically trained producer, and her knowledge of music – especially the piano – resonates through the whole set of tracks, with very spatial and catchy synth lines.

Overall the release is a calm storm, balanced between experimental and dreamy tracks, like side A’s “Interactions” and “Consolation”, with the daring and energetic consistency of more dance-floor-oriented tunes, most notably, the fizzy funkiness of side B’s “Master Track”, and is surely going to put the Siberian artist under your radar!