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Carl Grant

Carl Grant

Wave Effect | LA Synthesis

Wave Effect (Carl Grant) born in Aston Birmingham March 1968 & now resides in East London. In 1992 after a considerable time of creating a sound of which was uniquely their own, formed LA Synthesis with Tony Gallagher. In 1994 their track Agrophobia on Plink Plonk (with its trippy hookline and Kenny Larkin remix) became a huge fixture in London’s clubs.

Many live performances followed, including a triumphant appearance at the Fridge alongside the legendary Detroit producers Kenny Larkin and Stacy Pullen in 1995. Next from the duo, came the CMI Wavesequence single on the A13 label.Alongside the Frozen Tundra EP on French label Shield records and Blue Basique release. A backlog of material finally started to appear. The duo also released the more electro based Harmonic Disassembly in 1997 on Global Communication’s Universal Language label followed by a release with Carl Coxs offshoot Ultimate Breaks Doidy dawg.

In late 1999 Gallagher split from the group to pursue a solo project under the name Linear Systems. Carl under the guise Dolphin Wave Effect, later to be known as Wave Effect, continued to write and produce music on his own and has collaborated with other artists including keyboardist Andy Keyes, studio engineer Daniel Mcnamara, and programmer Karl King.

So that is the history, the past and the beginning. With new projects and remixes hitting the streets soon, listen out for the future of Wave Effect. Carl is currently doing a live internet radio broadcast on Future Music!

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