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Life Recorder

Life Recorder

(Aesthetic Audio, Atmospheric Existence, Minimalsoul / Marseille – FR)

Behind Life Recorder you’ll find Kriss Kortz, a dj and growing producer from France following his passion for Detroit techno, Chicago house music and especially all deep forms of techno and house.

Already creating his own mixtapes at the age of 12 by cutting and pasting his favorites hip-house and dance tracks with a tape recorder, he started to buy vinyls and to use turntables in the mid 90’ies especially influenced by dj’s like Derrick May.
Falling in love with Larry Heard’s deep house gems as well as Robert Hood’s minimal funk, Kriss naturally found the basis of his musical personnality. Quickly he felt the desire to play his music in the clubs and it really started when around 2003 after sending a demo, he was selected to play his 1st club gig in Switzerland at the “Loft Club” in Lausanne. Then he started to often cross his little french town frontier to play in Swiss.

In 2005 came the firsts steps into music production and later Kriss also took part in the creation of a french label, “Code 316 Recordings”where he gave birth to “Life Recorder” to release his first tracks. Since then he started to go ahead in the production side quickly pushed by the support coming from artists like Orlando Voorn or Santiago Salazar. It was also the opportunity to finally be more heard in his own country and find connections in Paris.

In 2011, after some life changes and a move to the south of France, a brand new creative phase started and gave birth to new collaborations. Staying away from the trends, focusing on the meaning of his music and remaining in a constant learning mode, it seems that Life Recorder’s music is more than ever following the paths of integrity and maturity.

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