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Gregory Porter | Gregory Porter (Live At Supersense)

Gregory Porter | Gregory Porter (Live At Supersense)

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Gregory Porter Live @ Supersense / Vienna, Austria . 2016

The total circulation of this Live Recording Edition release is strictly limited to a maximum total of 999 records.
Currently, the following edition is available:

Gegory Porter Live at SUPERSENSE
Premier Cut: 01-99

* Due to the fact that the SUPERSENSE LIVE RECORDING EDITION are no stock items but cut piece by piece in real time by a small team here in Vienna, we kindly ask for your understanding that based on the overwhelming global demand for the editions production, assembly and delivery of your very personal LIVE RECORDING treasures can currently take up to 4 weeks. All orders will be processed in the order received without any exceptions. Thank you so much for your patience.


Every single edition is handcrafted in the Viennese Supersense manufactory by a small team of experts in the fields of record cutting, traditional printing methods and packaging design. Only using high quality natural paper from selected European paper mills.

The Supersense palace is always good for a surprise: where else can you drink a cup of coffee next to a real star like it’s the most natural thing in the world?! When this star then visits our Living Room Recording Studio to engrave a few songs direct to disc and reel-to-reel tape, no eyes stays dry. This is what happened in 2016 at our Palazzo: at the invitation of Universal Music Austria, Grammy winner Gregory Porter visited SUPERSENSE to record a few songs.

“Supersense are doing a live recording straight to vinyl and tape – there is no editing, no fixing, no auto tune, it’s just me, the needle and the music. It’s exciting, and the reason I prefer this is the humanity to it – there are cracks and wrinkles, which makes it valuable, daring and vulnerable. And all of that comes across in the recording.” – Gregory Porter

Supersense passionately created a super limited edition of unique hand-cut Mastercut Records from this very special tape. Adding hand printed sleeve artwork, analog instant photography and many other analogue treasures to the dazzling voice of Gregory.

List of Booklet content

• Direct minolta EP 410z Copy of Archival Tape
• Gregory Porter Quote, October 18th, 2016, at SUPERSENSE, Vienna
• One Instant of Gregory Porter signing original covers. Photographer: Eva Mühlbacher, 2016
• A Minolta EP 410z Copy after an original Photo of the SUPERSENSE Livingroom Studio. Photographer: Ákos Burg
• Polaroid of microscopic view of the real Groove, from “Mother’s Song”
• From Universal, with Love. By Cornelius Ballin from Universal Music Austria
• How to caress, by Florian “Doc” Kaps. An info sheet about the SUPERSENSE Master Records and ho to care for them
• Project Mastercut, by Florian “Doc” Kaps. An introduction to the Editions

Gregory Porter / Live at SUPERSENSE

Vocals: Gregory Porter
Piano: Chip Crawford
Bass: Jahmal Nichols

1 Don’t Lose Your Steam
2 Mother’s Song

1 Musical Genocide
2 No Love Dying

Recorded direct to Tape
Date of recording: October 18th, 2016
Location: SUPERSENSE, Vienna
Tape Type: 1/4 Inch, 15ips, CCIR
Original Tape Number: 29
Sound Engineer: David Küblböck