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John Coltrane ‎| A Love Supreme (USA Edition)

John Coltrane ‎| A Love Supreme (USA Edition)

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Recorded December 9, 1964.

The total circulation of this Mastercut release is strictly limited to a maximum total of 999 records. Currently, the following different editions are available, varying in design and booklet content:

– USA Edition: 01 – 500
– Premier Cut: 01 – 99 (SOLD OUT)

* Due to the fact that MASTERCUTS are no stock items but cut piece by piece in real time by a small team here in Vienna, we kindly ask for your understanding that based on the overwhelming global demand for our editions production, assembly and delivery of your very personal MASTERCUT treasures can currently take up to 4 weeks. All orders will be processed in the order received without any exceptions. Thank you so much for your patience.