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Ivan Pavlov/COH | MUSIC VOL. (CD)

Ivan Pavlov/COH | MUSIC VOL. (CD)

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artwork by tina frank

Opening a sonic space that leads into delicate subconscious spheres, Ivan Pavlov aka COH has created his most sophisticated work up to date.

MUSIC VOL. is a piece of gentle acoustic excitement. Evolving around concepts of silence and sound in a profound sense, each track reveals to the listener a different emotional chamber. The intimacy provoked is deriving from the fact that VOL. is meant literally here. Similar to classical music, Pavlov is putting variations of volume and soft progressions of sound to the fore. It is these gentle, silent tones that force us to pay attention to the inner qualities of each sound, its colour and vibration, while simultaneously revealing its tactile and corporeal qualities.

At the same time, COH is creating atmospheric settings that invite us into complete immersion. A condition, close to meditation is provoked, making us intuitively aware of slight alterations.

Subtle sensations arise from the exquisite affective dramaturgy that is operating here. Reminiscent of minimalistic film scores, COH is elaborating a very sparse sounddesign, creating a painstakingly continuous arc of suspense, never to be dissolved.