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Jakobin | Forever More

Jakobin | Forever More

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Growing up in the 90s in rural upper Austria, Jakobin spent his time with skateboarding and listening to lots of hip hop before witnessing the halcyon days of the Vienna downbeat era and later being introduced to Austrias club culture. Pursuing his growing passion for collecting vinyl, he started spinning his first records in the region and later moved to the Austrian capitol. There he quickly connected with likeminded people.

Quickly getting immersed in the Viennese electronic music scene, he started producing and DJing with his longtime friend Domino under the moniker Jakobin & Domino and became founding members of Luv Shack Records in 2011. After a number of successful releases he started his solo career and began working on his live setup. His growing collection of analog gear helped shaping his productions. An overview of his current sound is expressed on his new record ‚Forever More‘. Heavily influenced on 90s UK house productions this 3-track EP will activate your senses and move your body with its groovy basslines and drums, creating an irresistible rhythm.

‚Forever More‘ will come out in its digital form on september 8, 2023 and later this year on limited vinyl.