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Klaus Benedek | Exhausted

Klaus Benedek | Exhausted

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Klaus Benedek delivers once again with an excellent 12″ mastered by Vienna’s own Patrick Pulsinger. Out of the gate there is „Calm Before The Storm“; an extraordinary piece of music exceeding a 9 minute journey, which bundles the sound of current deep house with a twerking breakbeat rhythm. The track takes its time and builds up to a smooth string chorus that certainly gives you goosebumps. The flip side on the other hand stays more traditionally in the house sector. Vienna’s MPC wizard Roman Rauch (Philpot, Quintessentials, Tenderpark) was engaged to give KB’s track „Still Daydreaming“ a harder edge, while the EPs title track on B2 bounces with its hypnotic filtered hook, which elevates the listener into new heights. Order this release now to reserve your copy as it is very limited and will not be repressed