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G.Rizo | Active Methods EP

G.Rizo | Active Methods EP

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The Active Methods EP is a short excursion in texture and active methodology – G.rizo style. This eclectic brew features the upbeat and vivacious “It’s Happening,” the asymmetric electro of “Catnip,” and also the downtempo, soulful hymn “Hold On.” The EP is supported further by a sultry house remix of “Its Happening” by Vienna-based producer, Sam Irl.

“Hold On” is the wild card on the b-side and is a bit out of character as far G.rizo songs. After the party, is the come down and “Hold On” is slow and rumbling, twisting and anxious, its the silent shout. The hook emerged from the first gig with Dominik Traun which was an improvised live set at Otto Mueller’s Sammlung Friedrichshof (outside Vienna) – something was in the air. The message is clear, but its a slow march – demanding, and needing to be heard.

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