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/DL/MS/ vs. Altroy | M5 / Transmission

/DL/MS/ vs. Altroy | M5 / Transmission

9.70 inc. Vat


The first outing on vinyl by /DL/MS/,
these two versatile and nowhere near famous Viennese producers make tracks using their hardware driven studio environment
from modern modular synths to classic keyboards and drum machines and are recorded, edited and molded into tracks such as the one on this record.

Some say the studio cat is most relevant to the sound, though the producers have not yet confirmed this rumor.

Altroy returns to Pomelo with yet another heavy original entitled ‘Transmission’ on the flip-side of this wax! Fusing deep-moody-Detroit style strings with an updated 90’s style European flavor; he drops a steady Roland TR 909 driven kik drum & hypnotic acid bleep basses that stomp together with swinging open hi-hats and intermittent funky snare drum trickery. This trippy atmospheric rhythmic squelch groove is a late night dance-floor jam!

Limited Edition of 100 x 12″ Vinyl slabs that all consist of unique label designs by Dextro!


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