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Détaché & Kehren | High Plain Drifters / Like A Virus

Détaché & Kehren | High Plain Drifters / Like A Virus

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The Stockholm based label, Finest Blend Recordings makes its return. With previous releases from the likes of Shawn Rudiman, Santiago Salazar, Elliott Dodge and label head, Kenny Black. Finest Blend became synonymous with hi-tech grooves, breaking barriers, crossing genres and developing new ones with tracks of the characteristic techno sound. Split ep with Détaché & Joel Kehren A&R by Kenneth Seremet [ Finest Blend Recordings ] FB15

Détaché – High Plain Drifters A-side: Synth and the base are incorporated into the beat rhythmically, a slowly surfacing Détaché. A side of good quality techno track that invites the elation, B side with KEHREN sets off a kick with a hard hat and a sense of weight in the SE with a stretch.  お茶の水駅前店

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