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FBK | Eclipse EP (incl. Claude Young Remix)

FBK | Eclipse EP (incl. Claude Young Remix)

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The 15th release of the strong Barba records! It’s FBK who’s back featuring a remix by none other than Claude Young – a Detroit heavy-weight who’s been particularly selective with his output. Kevin’s previous record for Barba, a 2016 twelve titled “Screaming Her Name”, also featured a remixes by Terrence Dixon and Plural. Between then and now Kevin managed to put out a track for “The Cast Project” VA and a solo EP for Radio Slave’s “Rekids” imprint. As we mentioned earlier, “Eclipse” features two original tracks, the title one and “To A Place I Know”. “Eclipse” track is closer to the sound we’ve come to associate to FBK’s productions – equally banging and meditative. This track takes you for a spin with hypnotizing lead synth, distorted acid lines and drums that intensify the vibe as the track progresses. It’s dark and moody, but perfect for those moments when the dancefloor is ready to dive really deep. “To A Place I Know” starts on the similar note but as soon as the sampled vocal loop takes the lead it takes the song to a much happier place. Hypnotizing element is still unavoidably present but here the synth line is more subdued and plays a supporting role to the vocals. Something you would play when you need to dive out from the deep and feel some sun on your skin. Finally, Claude Young’s remix of “Eclipse” is a fairly different affair, focusing on the meditative aspect of the original quite literally, and taking it to a whole other level. It is an exercise in restraint and patience, with a slowly-rising tension masterfully achieved by a piano line, ambient pads and synth textures subtly exchanging roles throughout the whole length of the song. Simply wonderful. All that, pressed onto a heavy duty 180 gram vinyl and beautifully packaged in an original artwork traditionally featuring local artists.