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Peletronic | Blyss

Peletronic | Blyss

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The Austrian electronic music label fortunea records is back with a new 12“. Viennese label-member “Peletronic” is the key figure on this record.

His intention was to limit himself in the use of external samples, without loosing on his own signature style. He tried to achieve this by recording all essential parts by himself and by flipping those snippets later on in a sample-jam manner.

The opening track “Blyss” is an infectious deep house groover.
Shredded filtered vocals, a bouncing bassline and a sun rising pad are the main characters of this piece.

Salzburg’s globetrotter Demuja is also present on this release by contributing a remix. He did a classic NY style house music treatment of the title track. It peaks with stunning strings and stabs and has a lot of potential for being heard during this years open air season.

The B-side of Peletronic’s EP also features the original track “Wrapped In Silk”. A gently calm down tune for afterhours. The slow tempo supports the vibe of silky pads and dreamy vocals.

And to wrap it all up, this track has been remixed by a second well-known Austrian artist. LeSale brings the mood of the original perfectly over to the dancefloor and adds some acid flavor to it.

Overall a great selection of music for this summer, made up by all Austrian artists. Check it out!

Limited to 300 copies! There will be no repress!

Mastering by Patrick Pulsinger.