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Philipp Quehenberger | In Out / Gut / Hind Sight

Philipp Quehenberger | In Out / Gut / Hind Sight

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Live improvisational electronics with stormy outbreaks of wobbly explorations in time and space..

Philipp Quehenberger, 41 years old but still 19 inside for the curiosity and
exploring drive is one of the premier members of the Austrian electronic
avant-garde music community, a long time partner with local legends Patrick Pulsinger and Didi Kern, as well as a mainstay of the worldwide respected Viennese label Editions Mego. His sonic explorations cover a remarkably vast palette of aesthetics, from Jazz to noise, Techno, Industrial, breakbeat, electro, Ambient, and the journey is still on.

Minimalsoul is therefore extremely pleased to welcome Philipp to its roster, an important step in our mission of blending the push of great music from around the world, with a focus on Austrian artists. Because, as any
human being musically rooted in the underground knows: Sky’s the limit, but never forget to stay local as well!

The general atmosphere of this release is quite gloomy and mysterious.
It starts with a sort of “post-modern” funeral march, “Hind sight,” and indeed it could be any of us, parading along in the ensemble of mourning parents and friends, possibly for the first time: while the strong baseline dictates the pace, the chords reproduce our dizziness.

“Gut,” the most club-oriented track, with its psycho-gressive industrescalating synths, reminds a bit of Holden’s “The Sky was Pink” remix, albeit carving its own peculiarity, with value-adding baseline and menacing vocal samples: the funeral is over, and all the parentado is gone,
you’re left alone with your dualistic emotions, halfway between sorrow and relief and – as the vocal says – you’ve “never been here before.”

This dark and melancholic emotional uncertainty carries on with the last track of the “triptych,” “In,Out.” Fans of Brooklyn-based Galcher Lustwerk,
or of Coil will particularly like this one, with its overlapped chords and “white-noised” kickdrum: in and out from the sadness, we hope for better days to come, knowing the loss will leave an everlasting mark in our hearts.

Andrew Weatherall :  “Loving ” In Out “. favourite track: B1- In Out
Marcel Dettmann: “thx” favourite track: A1- Hindsight
FAUX NAIF / Kimi O :  “Absolutely love it! Thanks”
Can “Khan” Oral :  “I’m a big PQ fan for a long time!”
Meri (Rulers Of The Deep) :  “good shit!”
Norihiko Kawai :  “tough!!” favourite track: B1- In Out
Dax J :  thanks!” favourite track: A2- Gut
Yuichirou Miyamoto :  “In Out is best!!”
Dj Athome (Front de Cadeaux) :  “nice” favourite track: A1- Hindsight
Schugar :  good job” favourite track: A2- Gut
Cassegrain : “excellent release and greetings to very old friends” favourite track: B1- In Out


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