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Plan 86 / Orlando Voorn | Domino / Audio Unit: Phase 1 / Strings Of Today

Plan 86 / Orlando Voorn | Domino / Audio Unit: Phase 1 / Strings Of Today

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“Dublin based Nice & Nasty is back in the vinyl business after 9 years of digital inertia.

It does so with a carefully pondered package, relying on an ever tightening musical bond between the Netherlands and south Italy. Domino 12” is a split EP between the emerging Italian talent PLAN86, who is a man of mystery and dutch legend Orlando Voorn, plus a signature Artwork by the one and only Alan Oldham.

Side A’s opener gives the name to the release, and exemplifies the trippy, synth-oriented kind of Techno that defines this rising producer and won him so many fans within the industry.

The remix by Voorn, under the Basic Bastard guise, syncopates the synth patterns, while slowing the general tempo, but it’s side B’s first track, “Audio Unit:Phase 1” that brings the smile and makes one notice why it’s so good to have long time veterans on your side. This track is the way Techno should be, if you praise the origins: funky, funky, funky.

“Strings of today” is possibly a homage to the Rhythim is Rhythim anthem and you’d wish it was the trend in today’s Techno scene: the progression, the “less is more” philosophy of channel build-up… Is it possible to clone Orlando Voorn? If anyone of you out there knows how, please get in contact.”

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