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Tribute To Andray Brown aka EROTEK | RWYS 003

Tribute To Andray Brown aka EROTEK | RWYS 003

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RWYS RECORDS presents:

This compilation is a tribute to Andray Brown aka Erotek. He made a strong impact on the local Detroit Techno and Detroit Ghetto Tech scene with his label Afrosyntrix. His style was unique, authentic and respected with releases on Metroplex, Databass, Twilight 76, Subject Detroit and FTP.

The legendary self-named track “Erotek” set him apart from the crowd because it is nothing but pure Detroit Hi-Tech Funk. Finally, he was a part of The Bassment family. Erotek supported The Bassment because he believed that the “unknown artists” who created the Detroit scene should be recognized. We miss him…..

With his friends and loved ones, the conceptualization of RWYS 003 was envisioned based on the heart-felt words of Erotek…himself….which appears on E:\ectro-bytes.exe Afrosyntrix‎– AS002:
“Dedicated to the Detroit Scene, the DJs in the backyards, cabarets, basements and clubs. You created this scene yet you remain unknown outside this city. Erotek out….”

RWYS 003
200 limited edition color vinyl
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