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Ichinen | A Morning Without Glory

Ichinen | A Morning Without Glory

12.70 inc. Vat


The “Ichinen” project was born from the strong music connection between Roberto Bosco and Kiny – both producer, performers and founders of Last Drop Records imprint – and from the need to share their personal music concept. Finally, this year they returns on their label with the first official track under new Ichinen moniker. The title-track, “A Morning Without Glory”, is indeed a unique melting pot of the different music approaches and visions. The track is determination at its purest form: a relentless 4/4 beat impulse, constantly striving and spaced out by industrial and metallic sounds that convey its deep and atmospheric imaginary. Truly abstract and experimental techno that goes beyond its ordinary stylistic logic. On the B-side one may find “A Morning Without Glory” revisited at this time in two evocative interpretation by the most renowned artist in the nowadays techno scene. The first one is by Dasha Rush with a “Summer Light Remix”, with a more serene and organic version of the original track. The last one is by Etapp Kyle who prefers to highlights low frequencies and dub inflections, adding a different touch to the astounding original tune: uniquely different.

The record comes with a carton colored outer-sleeve and black inner-sleeve plus an insert with info and sticker. Our copies are LIMITED EDITION marble colored with only 100x 12″ quantities. The follow-up copies will all be black colored vinyl.