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Various | Our History, Our Heritage, Our Culture Vol. 2

Various | Our History, Our Heritage, Our Culture Vol. 2

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*TIP / Limited edition. 200 copies. 200 different colors and color expressions. Every record is unique.

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This is our history. This is our heritage. This is our culture. The words spoken belong to Sean Tate.
It is the “battle cry” to remind people of who, how and where the roots of Detroit Techno first began.

The EP jumps aggressively with “Another Scarred Earth” from the well-known Josh Garrett. Next, “Outer Views” by Roger van Lunteren, with his unique production, is melting with arrangements, rhythms and melodies. Both tracks have heavy-influences from all musical spheres but the heart of it is still—Detroit. Shamus Coghlan closes with his “Requiem”, full of deep bass and synth grooves.

Channeling the sounds of the cosmos, Spacetime Distortion opens a time rift that will take you to the edge of the unknown, mixing dystopian landscapes with the urban reality. Conducted by Leo Wollsch, this live hardware experiment is influenced by the dark arts of techno and electro from Detroit. “A Matter of Separation” from Sean Tate is another minimal Detroit Techno, elevating mind trip that perfectly fits into the theme of the EP.

Ayana T. Miller has captured a unique image from Detroit, which is reflective of EP’s theme about the cultural perspectives of underground Detroit house/techno.