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Various | Tresor 30

Various | Tresor 30


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Tresor 30 is a compilation of Limited Edition, Box Set, Deluxe Edition 50 techno tracks released as (12x 12″s) on 1 Oct 2021. Tresor 30 includes a.o. the following tracks: “Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier (nomadico Remix)”, “D. Strange – Metal Mono”, “Lara Sarkissian – In The Form Of A Sphinx”, “Jeff Mills – Late Night” and much more..

Since 1991, Tresor has provided a home for artists to develop their ideas for advanced new sounds and broadcast them to the world. The pioneers that first traversed the Detroit-Berlin connection and were at the forefront of a new cultural movement gave to Tresor its original and continuing mission: community, resistance and reshaping the world to come.

The Tresor 30 compilation represents a major land- mark in this continuing history of electronic music. This unique collection of music profiles some of the artists that gave the previous three decades of Tresor its sound and foundation, but it also casts its gaze forward. Writing new postcards from the future, this collection brings new artists who main- tain a connection to that original mission to the fore, charting ways in which this ethos can contin- ue to build bridges and break walls in the next 30 years.

Bringing together 52 essential tracks – both classics and exclusive commissions – each of the 12 records in this box-set charts a unique line of flight from those artists that helped define the shape of this new music to those who continue to pattern its landscape further.

The future is bright and it’s now.

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