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Bill Drummond – Lecture at Spoiler, Vienna 2002 – Robert Jelinek (Ed.)

Bill Drummond – Lecture at Spoiler, Vienna 2002 – Robert Jelinek (Ed.)

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When it comes to pop music, conceptual art, audacious positioning, and fierce artistic independence, there is simply no way around Bill Drummond. The KLF, The Timelords, The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (J.A.M.S.), The K Foundation, The 2K, K2 Plant Hire Ltd. – these were all projects that aimed to attack established pop practices by means of easily-acquired sampling technology. Bill ceased being interested in the pop business a long time ago. Nonetheless, music is still at the center of his current endeavors. The present book is a summary of his recorded lecture at Spoiler, MuseumsQuartier Vienna on 31 October 2002, which for the past thirteen years has been available only as a single-copy library DVD. Despite the fact that Bill is loath to look back at the past and always directs his focus to the here and now, or rather because of this, I deemed it necessary to highlight his vast artistic range, development, and process of the last thirty years by means of this contemporary document and to present it to a younger generation. For the concept of time plays a special role in Drummond’s work. Whether as The Timelords, or in songs like ‘What Time is Love?’ or ‘3 A.M. Eternal,’ or via metaphorical numbers like 23, 33 ⅓, or 45, or his current World Tour 2014-2025 Bill has always thought, planned, acted, and reacted in structural time periods. Second, expanded and limited Edition.

DER KONTERFEI 031 / Paperback / English / 56 pages / Second, expanded and limited Edition of 300 / ISBN 978-3-903043-20-6 /
Release Date: March 2017