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Various Artists | Six EP

Various Artists | Six EP

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Seven sisters hail from Bristol under the supervision of label boss Miotek and this time they return with VA containing a stunning collection of tracks. Seven Sisters is a label with strong roots in Baltic with the label initially based in Ogre, Latvia whilst recently moving to Bristol. The EP consists of tracks produced by Latvian artists only, and that’s no coincidence as the label choose these artists to shine a light upon the talent coming out of the country.

The opening track ‘Days of Saturn’ is produced by Cosmic Monkey , a producer who shifts between techno, electro and ambient effortlessly. Here we see Cosmic Monkey paint a wonderfully dystopian scene, with the bubbling acid bassline forcing the groove forward out of its dream like background.

Next Label boss Miotek steps to the plate with “You Let the things go wrong” instantly you can start to hear Miotek’s Chicago influences come through as a wonderfully trippy machine based jam explores the groove, briefly punctuated by a beautifully harmonically distorted, beat less swell of electronic goodness.
Doctor Gee is 3rd up on the vinyl and he drops ‘Ur Here’ this time he’s teamed up with Wrth & Salmz to deliver an Electro romper. His trademark funk is again stamped all over this, but ‘Ur Here’ follows a more traditional electro jam with beautifully played synth solos and of course vocoded “computer machine” vocal.

4th track on the VA is a doctor Gee remix ‘Jurai’ by a one man synth project from Lativa called Starpliktuve. An broken beat acid banger that’s sure to get people poppin and locking. The vocal and creeping pads cloak the track is an intense veil that it works in and out of.

Closing the record is Doctor Gee & Salmz’s track 2009. A wonderfully glitched out affair with one of the funkiest god dam leads we ever did hear. Fantastic programming skills are on display here with the producers being able to lead and guide the erratic nature of the lead with passion and precision.

As a taste of the talent coming out of Latvia this is one serious EP.

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