BanBanTonTon | features Chris Coco & Luca Averna`s Sueño Mediterráneo

Chris Coco and Luca Averna`s Sueño Mediterráneo, on Minimalsoul Recordings, is actually more of a homage to the history of house, than a chilled-out affair. The opening Mare might be a mellow sundown Spanish stroll but the album’s ten tracks travel tempos all the way up to tribal-techno-esque bangers and back again. Touching on memorable proto Italo momentsearly Chicago relics, and `90s classics. Tunes that were no doubt staples during Chris` residency at Brighton`s Zap, The Coco Club. The distinctly danceable rhythms, topped with introspective melodies – deep with strings, sighs, sequences, and whistles – nostalgic echoes of rave. Garage divas, beatific bleeps, and the blissed out vibes of The Beloved’s Sun RisingHigh Waves is built on a beat borrowed from Vaughan Mason’s Raze. 

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Remembering Armando Anthony “Chick” Corea

American jazz composer, keyboardist, bandleader & occasional percussionist.

He was born on 12. June 1941 and lived until 9. February 2021 .

Chick Corea / John Patitucci / Vinnie Colaiuta | Blue Note, Tokyo, 1992
Roy Haynes – Chick Corea – Kenny Garrett – Christian McBride The unbelievable Drum Solo – Chick Corea Freedom Band August 2, 2010 / Marciac – France
Roy Haynes Quartet & Chick Corea – JazzBaltica 2005
Chick Corea (Piano) Carlitos Del Puerto (Bass) Marcus Gilmore (Drums)




Minimalsoul™ is proud to present its only vinyl release of the year 2020. Needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic hit us hard as it did with many other players within the underground electronic music community. Therefore, we decided to concentrate our efforts on a single release this year, considering its unique feature being our 20th vinyl-catalog release.

“Sueño Mediterráneo” meets our primary goals of then and now: expanding our sonic horizon and telling a story in music that focuses on the human being, the soul, and the essential things to appreciate in life. “Sueño Mediterráneo” is a two-hand effort by the Italian DJ and producer Luca Averna (elsewhere also known as Jay Green) and the UK House veteran DJ and producer Chris Coco.

Luca moved to Ibiza permanently a few years back, firmly wanting to live the isle differently, appreciating the rustical life of the western hills with his beloved wife, dog, turntables, vinyl records, and drum machines. Chris is an Ibiza regular since the 90s, and during the last two decades, he has become one of the most respected figures within the island’s Balearic scene.

After meeting a couple of years ago, they decided right away to produce music together, giving birth to this “Sueño Mediterráneo” project, with the desire to pay tribute to the 90s Italo Dream House, celebrate a newborn friendship, and their shared love for the White Island.

All tracks written & produced in 2018 by Chris Mellor and Luca Averna,
between Ibiza and London and using the following gear:
Roland® TR 606,626,707,909; Yamaha RX5, Yamaha DX7, Korg M1.
Additional Credits:
Guitar in ‘Mare’ By Micko Roche.
Bass Guitar in “Walearic Dub” By Yusuke.
Vocals in “Underwater” By Louis Van Johnson.
Vocals in “Il Tempio Dell’Amore” By Luca Averna.

Mastered by Rune Lindbaek.

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Detroit’s Underground Music Academy

Legends Mad Mike and Wajeed have an idea to build support for communities of marginalized music makers – right in the heart of Detroit. That effort might have gotten upstaged by the election, so now is the perfect time to dig in – and recall some of Detroit’s own history.

It’s not an accident that current political noise is all about discounting the votes of Detroit residents. You could easily see an echo in the music industry. So maybe it’s time for some resistance again.

Underground Music Academy is an idea that’s been floating around Detroit for some time now, but it’s getting a home and a plan at an essential time. The location is incredible – next to the storied Submerge record store, around the corner from the landmark Motown Museum, and in the former offices of the NAACP.
With all that Motown history, though, and his own place in American music, WAJEED says he wants to build something international – so take note, world readers. “This space will provide for not just our community, but people worldwide,” he recently told The Face. “Anybody who’s marginalized, that’s who we’re here for. Anybody who has been slept on and forgotten, that’s our priority,” he says.
Check out the full interview with Ash Lauryn from the end of October (and for sure, elections and pandemics might well have meant you slept on this – and we shouldn’t):
Underground Music Academy is ushering in a new generation of revolutionary artists

That’s exciting, particularly as there’s a void left by the Red Bull Music Academy – and a chance, perhaps, to steer instead toward community-driven, grassroots efforts instead of big brands. Mad Mike, for his part, was an epic part of what made RBMA so powerful; he’s just a fantastic teacher and inspiration, according to absolutely everyone I know who’s ever been in the same room with him.
So straight to the details:

What they’ll teach: “both studio skills and business acumen,” the creators promise, with a plan to make placing students and launching careers part of the curriculum. That’s in keeping with the history of Detroit (there’s a reason that “hustle harder” phrase got traction), and in what places like Submerge have done.

Where it’ll be: 2990 East Grand Blvd. Second Floor – that’s the North End

What they’re fundraising for: that space is purchased, but it needs renovation – plus a budget for a website and equipment. They have a really low funding goal, actually, so no reason not to help for anyone in the industry with some spare change – see below.

Timeline: they say they’re trying to launch in 2021 with free online tutorials, and then opening the physical space in 2022. Here in Berlin, I’ve heard German DJ Sarah Farina getting really involved and has been sharing some encouraging developments – which is important as a link from Detroit to other scenes (especially as a number of Detroit-born artists have moved over here).

The mission: “As a lifelong Detroiter with over 20 years in the music business, I feel a great need to build a more inclusive electronic music community. Music will be the means for education, healing and building esteem.”
How to help: They’re fundraising on, with a $25,000 goal – and they’re already halfway there. Even twenty bucks can buy them some paint.
If you don’t have money but you’re in Detroit, they’re also looking for volunteers to help with cleanup, organization, and painting.